She Rests

*She Rests* This is always one of the most peaceful moments of any day or night for me. Standing up in the Marin Headlands, few people around and the only thing you can see is a little slice of the Golden Gate Bridge, just poking her self out above the fog. No matter how many times I see this sight, I am always in awe. Literally haven't shot in SF area since January, either been working or traveling or both. But.... I have been saving this November foggy night and wanted to share it before I leave on a week or so sailing trip to the Bahamas! Enjoy! #CanonPersonalConnection #CanonGetaway Unrelated but wanted to make sure everyone knows about the Owl Cam. A cool project I just finished up! You can watch live right here (Babies and feedings too) -->

Two Sided Rattlesnake

*Two Sided Rattlesnake* One of my favorite shots from my recent Antelope Canyon adventure. This place is mesmerizing for sure! #CanonPersonalConnection #CanonGetaway

Living In Solitude

*Living In Solitude* When looking back through my catalog of photos, I find lots and lots of foggy shots from around the bay. This is one night I seem to always come back to though. Everything just blew up and I happen to be in the right place.

Static Morning

*Static Morning* As much as this location is over shot, I still love how quiet and beautiful the mornings are up in these hills. It won't get old anytime soon. Here is a vertical from a pano I need to stitch together someday. Enjoy & feel free to share!

The Unknown Coves

*The Unknown Coves* It sure has been a busy month. I have only shot once since my helicopter adventure in January. That once though just happened to be at Antelope Canyon a week or so ago, so it made up for all the missed time. But finally getting back to some older photos. This one was taken in January with my buddy Griffin Moon just a short walk down from my apartment :) Thanks to Michael for the tips on processing this one, definitely trying to step my game up and he is killing it! Enjoy & feel free to share!

Beam of Antelope

*Beam of Antelope* This is probably one of my favorite shots out of the slot canyons this past weekend. I didn't realize how hard it was to even get this beam. We had to throw sand around to make it dusty for the light to catch on. But even with that you don't get an even beam all the time. I probably have a 100 shots from right hear but this one is the best beam. Read about the trip here: *Beam of Antelope* This is probably one of my favorite shots out of the slot canyons this past weekend. I didn't realize how hard it was to even get this beam. We had to through sand around to make it dusty for the light to catch on. But even with that you don't get an even beam all the time. I probably have a 100 shots from right hear but this one is the best beam. Read about the trip here:

Upper Antelope At Night

*Upper Antelope At Night* What an incredible unexpected weekend. Last Tuesday I needed to book a flight to Arizona to finish up a job that I am working on. It was last second and I decided to drive instead, so I could help my buddy @michael shainblum move up to SF on my way back. I am so happy I decided to drive and had my car at my disposal. The job got extended to Tuesday of this week and I had the whole weekend to kill. Thanks to all my facebook followers for the hundreds of location recommendations, unfortunately I was only able to get to a few spots. I started off driving up to Sedona on Saturday for sunset. I went to Oak Creek to shoot Cathedral Rock. The water was a bit high but the only compositions I liked required me to get into the river still, literally waist deep! It was so worth it, just wish their was some sky to go with the foreground. Just means I HAVE to come back, for like a full month to explore all of Arizona. After Sedona I had no idea where to head. I think I had too many options to choose from, I could have gone a million different directions. But luckily my buddy Jeff texted me at the perfect time and he put me in touch with his buddy Lionel with Adventurous Antelope Canyon Photo Tours. So I drove up to Page, AZ to get ready for a 9am private guided tour through Rattlesnake Canyon and Upper Antelope. This place was so incredible and having a photo guide made things that much better, especially though Upper. I had Rattlesnake all to myself! But Upper is the touristy spot with tons of tour companies and when on a photo tour they make sure they get people out of the way so you can get the shot. I felt pretty important I guess haha! The fun continued. Lionel took me out for sunset at the Hoodoos, I think thats what they are called. We got lucky with some clouds and a little bit of color. Nothing incredible but still was an awesome sight and better then clear blue sky. But then after, I had another private guided tour though Upper Antelope at night, with some light painting to really bring those canyons walls to light. That was the icing on the cake :) I could have stayed in these canyons for hours and hours. It was so difficult to keep moving down, I felt like I was shooting every single angle. Definitely going to schedule some trips out here more and during some different seasons. Now back to work and off to San Diego before heading back up to SF. Who knows where I will stop on the way home! You really have to check out my guide Lionel's work and also schedule a tour with them. Such an incredible experience and such a nice group. I know I sure wouldn't mind having those canyons in my backyard! Here is his page: Lionel Bigthumb Photography Here is one of many shots I got from these Canyons. I wish the gaps where wider for the stars, but then again we can shots stars all the time, these canyons are really what I am highlighting. I want to get back when the moon is not as bright though, to really bring the stars out.

The Lost Explorer

*The Lost Explorer* A shot from back in July at the Point Reyes boat in Inverness, CA.

Waimea Swim

*Waimea Swim* Geee... southwest must have the slowest wifi imaginable, but better then nothing I guess. Been so busy lately I have been slacking on my photo processing and posting. Figured this flight would be a good time to get one posted. I am off to Arizona for a quick work trip! This is a shot from my trip to O'ahu this past June with Cole Yamane.

Sunset Swells

*Sunset Swells* A few weeks back from one of my favorites spots in SF. More Seascapes:

Hanging Out

Another shot from my new Aerial series with Michael Shainblum and Marc Donahue. Wanna see the full project? Check it out: Behance Full Project See Michaels insane feet shot, which he has 3 more insane ones in series: #CanonAtPlay #CanonPersonalConnection #CanonGetaway

Flying over Golden Gate

After my first flight above SF, I started making plans for another. I felt it would be cool to throw together a collaborative project, with no other than Michael Shainblum and Marc Donahue. We had 4 or so GoPro's catching the whole ride as well as the behind the scenes. Marc got some awesome hyperlapses and put together a sweet video of the whole journey! Michael kill it as usual. Wanna see the full project? Check it out on Behance:


*S E A L* Keep remember I have tons of sunset pictures to still go through from December :) Here is one from Sutro Baths on December 16. More Seascapes:

SF Skyline

The Skyline Guess I am going back up :) Here is one from the other day, not the sharpest shot in the world but I love the perspective from here! Full Gallery:

Star Struck

*Star Struck* For all you night owls, here is something I dug up from November! -Enjoy! Check out my Seascape Gallery:

Perfect Adventures

Perfect Adventures A shot I forgot about from this past August back in CO. Thanks to my buddy +Matt Hobbs with +Vital Films for getting me to this location. This shot was from the same night I did the shots, which facebook did not approve of :) with Leslie. I did a full vertical pano with this but was only able to get half to stitch, but think I like the overall comp. More night photos:


*An Evening Above SF* I finally lived a dream of mine and was able to check it off my bucket list! Yesterday I met up with Nick Cahill and his buddy Jeff Scott for a private, no doors, helicopter ride above San Francisco around sunset and blue hour. As you can see from the pictures, the conditions were ideal and the fog was epic. Having low fog, around the Golden Gate Bridge at sunset is perfect, to say the very least. (A bit lower would have been nice though!) Overall it was an incredible experience, but I don’t think the pictures really do anything for me as much as the ride it self! To see the full collection and read about my adventure and even mistakes, check it out on the blog:

Aeriel Golden Gate Bridge Sunset

*An Evening Above SF* I finally lived a dream of mine and was able to check it off my bucket list! Yesterday I met up with Nick Cahill and his buddy Jeff Scott for a private, no doors, helicopter ride above San Francisco around sunset and blue hour. As you can see from the pictures, the conditions were ideal and the fog was epic. Having low fog, around the Golden Gate Bridge at sunset is perfect, to say the very least. (A bit lower would have been nice though!) Overall it was an incredible experience, but I don’t think the pictures really do anything for me as much as the ride it self! To see the full collection and read about my adventure and even mistakes, check it out on the blog:


*S U T R O* I decided very last second to meet up with my buddy Casey at Sutro Bath tonight. Always trying to find new perspectives, so many angles to get along the coast. Canon 6D Canon 16-35mm f/2.8 L II ISO 50 1/4 Sec f/14 LEE Filters .9 Soft Grad Induro Tripods CT214


S H A P E Another piece from my new Modern Series. Check out the new series: Prints:


*T E N S E* Another piece from my new Modern Series. Check out the new series: Prints: #surferphotos #surf


*Kaito Kino* A shot from my newly released surf series. This is shot of my buddy Kaito, who kills it! Check out the new series: Prints: #surferphotos #surfing


*M O D E R N - S U R F p.2* I just got back from my second trip to O'ahu Hawaii. Again, it was incredible! This time, thanks to my buddy Chris, I got to bring a Canon EF 200-400mm f/4L IS USM Lens with Built-in 1.4x Extender. What a sweet lens, that I will never be able to afford! But of course thanks to my buddy Cole for hosting me. One of my main goals for this trip was to work on a Part 2 of my Modern Surf Series. View Part 1: I wanted to take a more artistic approach rather then documenting surf from a journalism approach. I bumped down the f-stop to f/30 - f/45 and worked on my panning. I never knew how hard this was. I maybe got 20 decent pans where the surfer had some sharp points. But even some that where blurred and more abstract, I enjoyed regardless of the imperfection. So here is my second take on surfing, I hope you enjoy and feel free to share! New Series: Prints on my SmugMug: Behance:

Ripping Pipeline Backdoor

*Ripping Pipeline Backdoor* I took thousands and thousands of surf shots while in Oahu. Been slowly narrowing it down and narrowing it down more. I pretty much have my new "Modern" series finished and can't wait to share that. In the meantime I will start sharing some of my favorite shots from the Banzai Pipeline in North Shore Hawaii on Oahu. Rider: Unknown for now Be sure to check out my new Surf Gallery on SmugMug: #surfing #surferphotos

The Golden Way

*The Golden Way* As much as I miss Hawaii, it is always good to be back. Here is a shot from this past December. Canon 16-35mm f/2.8 L II ISO 125 f/13 1 Sec Induro Tripods CT214 LEE Filters .9 Soft Grad ND Filter.

Cole Yamane

*Cole Yamane* Well I guess I will edit some shots from my June Hawaii trip when I rented a housing. Thanks Cole Yamane for hosting me around Oahu these past couple trips. View my on going Oahu Gallery on SmugMug:

Contemplating The Shot

Last night was awesome. +Cole Yamane and I decided to Spitting Caves to shoot sunset. Sunset was kind of blah though, but after when it was dark and basically a full moon, things got better! Then lightening started to go off over Honolulu, it was a bit to far and ended up being more flashes then bolts. We were hoping it was going to come at us as we were in the perfect spot. After a few timelapses and tons of long exposures I decided it was time for a Selfie. Thanks Cole for helping with the light!

Yoga Hour

Natalie Kay Yoga Another shot from back in August of Natalie Kay for her yoga! I have been updating my site like crazy lately, here is my people section!

Sunset Blanket II

*Sunset Blanket II* From an incredible sunset back in November with Michael. (Who seems to bring a lot of great sunsets to the area haha)

It's All Timing

It's All Timing Before I went home for the Holiday's, I finally agreed to to teach my first Private Workshop! To be honest I didn't think I would like it but I was proved completely wrong. I loved it! I did an 8-hour workshop going through my workflow, photo backup, lightroom, photoshop and so on. We then went and shot an incredible sunset at Marshall Beach. One thing I went over on the beach was timing and paying attention to the water. I use a remote so I can catch the perfect streaks when the waves get pulled back out or the flow of the water comes in. Setting a fast shutter, mine at 1/6 of a second, allows me to grab a few shots just as the waves come at you. Canon 16-35mm f/2.8 L II ISO 125 1/6 Seconds f/13 +LEE FILTERS .9 Soft Grad ND +Induro CT214 Tripod Prints: ~~~~~ UPDATE: Cause so many people have asked about future workshops please sign up for my news letter to receive an email when I announce them. (I have never sent one newsletter yet so I wont spam you :)

New Years Fireworks 2014 V2

*New Years Fireworks 2014* Well I guess I ended up here again this year! But this year instead of being above the bridge we got a bit to the right of it. I honestly didn't really want to shoot fireworks at all but had nothing better to do and best of all, spent it with the good company of Michael Bonocore, Joe Azure, Matt Granz and Ellie Stone! One thing I really wanted to do this time was create a pano just before the show that I could bring the fireworks into later. I am pretty happy with how it turned out and have a few more I am working on. For now here is the first one! This shot is about 19,000px wide. To learn a bit more about my process check out my newly posted tutorial.. View HQ and purchase prints here: Gigapan full view:

A Manipulated New Year

*Basic Fireworks Tutorial Using Photoshop* Knowing that many of you will be out shooting New Years fireworks tomorrow night, I figured this would be a perfect time to share a small firework blending tutorial. This is a method that can be used in many different circumstances. We will go through the process using my firework shots from last New Years in San Francisco. View tutorial here: Feel free to share and hope you all have a safe and fun New Years! Thanks for all the incredible support over the past year. I wish I had more time to to answer all your questions and comments but have been spending more time shooting and processing!

Above It All

*Above It All* Those times when you feel like you are standing on top of the world. I live for mornings like this. Taken back in October from Hawk Hill.

A Glance of Capital Peak

*A Glance of Capital Peak* I definitely did not take many photos in Colorado over Christmas, while I was there. Ended up getting sick, so decided to stay in and rest most the trip. Need to stay healthy for my upcoming Hawaii trip! I did get out one day though. My buddy Matt and I met up and decided to rush to a spot for sunset. We were in a terrible spot and had no time to think about relocating, so we made due. Now that I actually have had time to process this shot, I am way happier then I thought it was going to be. This is Capital Peak, with an incredible cloud forming over it. Back in SF for a week then off to Hawaii for some warm weather and lots of shooting! Going to have to make the drive back to Colorado end of January though. Definitely did not get to shoot snow like I wanted to. Have so many ideas and shots I want to do there in the winter.

Fire over San Francisco

*Fire over San Francisco* All I can say is that the last week in San Francisco have been incredible. Last night I was fortunate enough to shot alongside one of the most inspirational night photographers, Lincoln Harrison and inspirational local timelapser Simon Christen as well as Michael. I was testing out some a new update to my eMotimo that allows me to turn it into a pano head like a gigapan. Also got a few timelapses and a bunch of stills. Going to be processing the past few days for months! #CanonAtPlay #CanonPersonalConnection #CanonGetaway

Sutro Selfie

*Sutro Selfie* From the other night at Sutro Baths, decided to walk out a bit to get a self portrait of myself, really love sunsets here :) #CanonPersonalConnection

Dark Pace

*Dark Pace* Another shot from my new series. Behance Project: Purchase Signed Prints:

Lost Lake Milky Trails

Lost Lake Milky Trails Another shot from my Modern-Sky series and my Colorado trip with +Natalia Stone. This one was from Lost Lake Slough as well. Shot was then process using Lightroom 5, Photoshop and Nik Software's Color Efex Pro 2. Canon 5D MK III Canon 16-35mm f/2.8 L II f/2.8 ISO 250 826 Seconds (13.7 Minutes) +Induro CT214 To learn more and see the full series:

Hot Rocks

*Hot Rocks* A shot from Sutro Baths last December. Flipped it because I liked the flow of the rocks this way better :)

Modern Embarcardeo

*Modern Embarcardeo* Another shot from my new series. Behance Project: Purchase Signed Prints:


M O D E R N - L I G H T This has been a series which I have been working on for quite some time. Some of the photos were even taken back in March 2012, but I never felt satisfied enough to put them into a series. I wanted a full set put together, but as these take me more time , I didn't always have the patience, attention span or the time to work on them as much as I would have liked to. I have been extremely inspired by many different artists for these shots and processes, so I would like to thank +Joel Tjintjelaar, +Julia Anna Gospodarou, +Mabry Campbell and many more, for always keeping me on my toes. The pieces are all processed using +Adobe Photoshop Lightroom and Nik Software's (+Nik Photography) Silver Efex Pro 2. I created all the cloud movement in +Adobe Photoshop. +Behance Project: Purchase Prints on my +SmugMug:

Light From Bodie

*Light From Bodie* Literally.. these clouds are from Bodie Ghost Town. Got board and started playing around with some more compositing. I really liked the flow of this foreground from Marshall Beach on Thanksgiving, but the sky wasn't doing it for me. So I decided to fix my issue :)

Surrounded Colors

Surrounded Colors Getting back to some of my Colorado photos. You can view the full gallery on my SmugMug:

Hurry Up

*Hurry Up* An image from this past May. I was coming back from one of the most epic sunsets with low fog at Grizzly Peak. As I drove over the bridge I realized, after the exit, that I needed to shoot this low fog here, so I turned around and came back. The fog rose a lot though, but still happy with the shot.


*O'ahu* Been playing around with some images from my trip to Hawaii this past June. Can't wait to go back in January!

Foggy Reflection

*Foggy Reflection* A piece I decided to do for an ongoing series.

Into The Sun

*Into The Sun* Had some sweet light tonight down at Mile Rock Beach with Joe Azure. Here is a frame from a still timelapse I was doing. Decided to leave the dolly behind for this hike down here :) Canon 16-35mm f/2.8 L II .5 Seconds f/14 ISo125 Induro Ct214 LEE ND Filters

Modern Flying

*Modern Flying* Was playing around with some images last night and ended up compositing this shot. The trees where taken in Colorado this past October and the plane was shot in Big Sur a while back. Hope you enjoy!

Kissing Fog

Kissing Fog

California Classic

A Classic California View I just posted the full series from this evening shoot with Griffin Moon and Spencer Davis. Have a few shots that haven't been posted here yet as well. I think I need to start finding more people with cool rides, but this one is hard to beat! +Chevrolet Check it out here:

Natalia Stone

*Natalia Stone* A week or so ago Michael Shainblum and I met up with Natalia Stone and Amy Heiden for sunset. The clouds were so incredible we were expecting the most epic sunset ever. But they decided to dip out early and leave us with clear sky's Here is a portrait of Natalia that I got, #TheStonePose

Colorful Ending

*Colorful Ending* The other night Michael Shainblum and I witnessed one of the most incredible sunsets! Here is a frame from the timelapse I got Enjoy your weekend!

She Rests

*She Rests* I am sure people think I and many SF photographers shoot this beautiful bridge way to much. True indeed! But one thing that is always different is the weather surrounding it. It makes me jump to coming shooting it even more, trying to catch those perfect moments of detail. I loved the shape I got in this one with the fog and especially loved what the longer exposure did with the fog over Oakland.


*Yellow* Taken near Ashcroft Ghost Town on my recent Colorado trip.

Half Asleep Sunrises

Half Asleep Sunrises


*California* A classic California scene if you ask me!


*Subtle* Back in October in the headlands.

Sunset Blanket

Sunset Blanket I guess you could saw sunset last night was pretty cool Michael decided to come up to SF for a week or so so we can timelapse all over and fine tune some new videos. So far we got lucky!! Canon 70-200mm f/4 L ISO 250 f/9 65 Seconds Induro CT214 Big Stopper

China Walls

*China Walls* Been saving this one. Probably one of my favorites compositions I got from my last trip to Hawaii. I sure can not wait to get back here, Tony is making me pretty jealous! Canon 16-35mm f/2.8 L II ISO125 f/11 1/4 Seconds Induro Tripods CT214 Lee Filters .9 Soft Grad ND

Grizzly Peak View

*Grizzly Peak View8 After the incredible sunset at Hawk Hill we decided to head over to Grizzly Peak to see if we could also get lucky with fog from this view. We did, but 10 minutes later this whole view was covered and you couldn't see anything. Canon 70-200mm f/4 L ISO 50 30 Seconds f/5.6

The Last Second

The Last Second Took this last week up at Mount Tam and decided to give it a bit more modern approach. I love what the sun does the last second before it goes over the horizon.

San Francisco National Cemetery

*San Francisco National Cemetery* Dedicated to all of those who have served and are serving now. #veteransday #veteransday2013 #CanonPersonalConnection

The Spray

*The Spray* Working on some more surf photos from this past June, figured I would try and get myself excited for my upcoming january trip I just booked!

Candy Fog

A new one from from back in March that I never got around to! New blog post about my time in San Francisco and growing as a photographer. Enjoy your weekend! Thanks Jordan & Amy for the editing help

The Watcher

*The Watcher* Planning another trip back to Oahu in January!!!


*Family* Another shot from Mount Tam with Spencer, Griffin and his truck!

Marshall Beach Sunset

*Marshall Beach Sunset* We have had some pretty decent sunsets lately and I have been shooting of the coast for them as well. For some reason I just don't like any of the shots I came back with. Maybe it has just been too long since I shot seascapes. So I decided to go back and look through some of my favorite seascape days taken months ago. Came across so many that I can't believe I forgot about! Here is one from Marshall Beach back in February. Canon 17-40mm f/4 L f/13 25 Seconds ISO320

The Windy Road

*The Windy Road* Another shot from last week up at Mount Tamalpais State Park with Griffin and Spencer! 65' Chevrolet Stepside. View full story and project: Behance 65 Chevy #CanonGetaway #CanonAtPlay

65 Chevy

*65 Chevy* This past week I got a chance to finally meet up and shoot with Griffin, who is also a great local photographer. He owns this 65 chevy classic with an American Bulldog which rides in the back. (on safe roads) Gotta say this is one awesome prop! We decided to head up to Mount Tam cause of the low fog, we wanted to shoot stars, but got kicked out twice, so that didn't happen!


Who's ready for winter?

One Maritime

One Maritime Another shot to go along with yesterdays photo. Took this back in December 2012. I had posted it before but decided to take the clouds to the next level with this one. Processed a few times in Silver Efex Pro 2, Photoshop and Lightroom 5. Definitely been inspired by +Joel Tjintjelaar +Julia Anna Gospodarou +Steve-Maxx landeros +Grant Murray and many more with shots like these.

Shaklee Terraces

*Shaklee Terraces* The other day after the Google+ morning event Joe, Steve-Maxx, Max and I decided to go shooting downtown. It was nice to have some clouds that day to get some long exposures. However I couldn't get a long enough shot so I ended up blurring the clouds a bit more in photoshop!

Policing The Bridge

*Policing The Bridge* A shot I never shared from opening night of the new Bay Bridge. Met up with +Joe Ercoli for this eventful evening. Who ever the cops pulled over was struggling, one cop even had to move the car for him cause he stopped in the lane rather then pulling over to the pull off. When I took this shot there were even 8 cops standing right next to me laughing and taking their own instagram shots haha. Canon 5D MK III Canon 16-35mm f/2.8 L II ISO 50 f/16 98 Seconds +Induro CT214 #sanfrancisco #newbaybridge #photography #colorefexpro4 #plusphotoextract

Nature vs City

*Nature vs City* Another from the other morning at Hawk Hill. It really never gets old to me. This black and white was process in Silver Efex pro 2 from Nik, Lightroom 5 and Photoshop. Canon 70-200mm f/4 L Canon 5D MK III ISO 50 f/13 20 Seconds Induro Tripods CT214 LEE Filters .9 Soft Grad

Lost Lake Milky Trails

Lost Lake Milky Trails Another shot from my Modern-Sky series and my Colorado trip with +Natalia Stone. This one was from Lost Lake Slough as well. Shot was then process using Lightroom 5, Photoshop and Nik Software's Color Efex Pro 2. Canon 5D MK III Canon 16-35mm f/2.8 L II f/2.8 ISO 250 826 Seconds (13.7 Minutes) +Induro CT214 To learn more and see the full series:

La Jolla Flow

*La Jolla Sunset Flow* Was going back through some older images and found this one from my San Diego trip visiting Michael Shainblum. This was an incredible spot in La Jolla and even met David Thompson there. This shot is processed in Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 5 and Nik Software's Color Efex Pro 4. Canon 5D MK III Canon 16-35mm f/2.8 L II ISO 100 1 Second f/14 LEE Filters .9 + .6 Soft Grad ND Filter Induro Tripods CT214

Early Risers

*Early Risers* You can see so many people on this hill below. It is crazy how many people you see up in the Headlands for sunrise now. But I guess it's pretty clear as to why!

Mount Sopris Sunrise

*Mount Sopris Sunrise* I have been shooting this mountain for a few years now. One thing I have found is how difficult it is to get a good composition with it. Maybe that is just me though, I have creative block here. Until this past fall trip though. I had days with fall colors, great light and actually got up at sunrise. So I have pretty happy with this one. Maybe a bit more color for sunrise but all in all I like it. Canon 5D MK III Canon 70-200mm f/4 L ISO 200 f/11 55 Seconds LEE (10stop) Big Stopper ND Filter Induro CT214

Double RL Ranch

*Double RL Ranch* This is Ralph Lauren's ranch in Ridgeway, Colorado. Apparently he leaves the hay bales out extra days just for photographers. They were on a different field the day before this. We got lucky as they took them away the night after we got there. If we stayed a few days we would have gotten the bales on this field, but I like that we got the process shot of it instead and still got the bales from the day before! To see my growing gallery from the trip go here to see some shots that are only published on my site:

Aspen Grove

Moden Camping

Modern Camping Probably one of my favorite shots from my Modern-Sky series. This shot is done all in camera by zooming your lens in or out. For a 30 second shot, I left it still for a about 5 seconds to get the foreground in focus. I was surprised by the result I got. Shot was then process using +Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 5 and +Nik Photography's Color Efex Pro 2. To learn more and see the full series:

The Fall Path

*The Fall Path* Up near Silver Jack Reservoir just after sunrise. To see my growing gallery from the trip go here to see some shots that are only published on my site:


*Behold* Awe, it's been a while since I have been here for sunrise. It is mornings like this that remind me how much I love what I do and where I live. When so many different things come together like this, to create this beautiful scene, which we all go here hoping for. And I guess it makes it worth getting out of bed, cause I definitely wouldn't regret sleeping in :) It was nice running into Brian Bonham, Amy, Matt, Steve-Maxx and Rob. I also put together a 30,000px wide panorama from this morning: Canon 5D MK III Canon 70-200mm f/4 L 154 Seconds ISO 200 f/16 LEE Filters .9 Soft Grad ND Filter Induro Tripods CT214

San Francisco Sunrise Panorama

Here is a pano from this morning. This image is just about 30,000px wide. View it better on Gigapan:

Hawaii Sunsets

*Hawaii Sunsets* Ever since my trip to Hawaii, I can't stop thinking about how awesome the sunsets and sunrises are. This one in particular was awesome!

The Galaxy's Roots

*The Galaxy's Roots* NSFW Another shot from this past August during the Meteor Shower.

Fall in Ashcroft

Fall in Ashcroft I certainly love Ghost Towns, especially this one as I am middle named after it and I was baptized here oddly enough! I have shot here a bunch over summer and so on, but never came back with anything I liked. I guess it took a a little color and some snow to make this place truly special. Been updating and fixing my site like crazy, a few glitches and bugs to figure out but pretty close to done:

Galaxies Reflection

Galaxies Reflection It's for times and scenes like this which keep me going and high on life. +Natalia Stone and I got to this lake, Lost Lake Slough, mainly for shooting sunrise. But we wanted to get the Milky Way as well. Once we got to the edge of the lake and saw the reflection, we knew we hit the jackpot. This place was so freakin' incredible. This is a multiple shots to create a vertical panorama. I will saw I changed the direction of the Meteor as it bugged me. Also brought the small one in from a frame before. YUP, totally cheated nature :D I stitched the pano with Photoshop and process the shot using Lightroom 5 and Color Efex Pro 4. Canon 5D MK III Canon 16-35mm f/2.8 L II ISO 3200 30 Second Shots f/2.8 +Induro CT214

Follow The Colors

*Follow The Colors* Back in Aspen when we got some snow 2 weeks ago. Taken up near Ashcroft just past the Ghost Town. #CanonPersonalConnection #CanonGetaway

Courthouse Mountain Milky Way

Courthouse Mountain Milky Way This may be my favorite shot from the trip with +Natalia Stone, well at least until I have time to look at all the others. A few months ago I saw an incredible sunset panorama from this location taken by +Jack Brauer ( Ever since then I couldn't get that spot off my mind. I then saw a little video from +Jason Hatfield giving a bit more details about how to get up to this spot. There is no trial. Its a 45 minute or so bushwhacking hike. Going back in the dark was even more interesting! We didn't have a sunset like Jack's but at east we had some clouds. The top of this peak is pretty sketching, if you fall you will probably slide down the whole mountain. But overall it was completely worth it, especially staying late for the Milky Way. Here is a multiple shot vertical pano. Canon 5D MK III Canon 16-35mm f/2.8 L II ISO 3200 f/2.8 30 Seconds +Induro CT214

Late Night Break Ohio Pass

*Late Night Break Ohio Pass* After visiting the Castles during the day on Ohio Pass, we decided to head there at night because the position of the Milky Way. The clouds were kind of in the way for what we were trying to do, as we needed to shoot with a telephoto. So I decided it would be a nice place to take a self portrait and add to my light series. This is a multiple shot pano to get more of the Milky Way. +Natalia Stone and I then camped down the road a bit and got up for sunrise here as well. Canon 5D MK III Canon 16-35mm f/2.8 L II ISO 3200 25 Seconds f/2.8 +Goal Zero Bolt Flashlight +Induro CT214

County Road 9 Starry Morning

*County Road 9 Starry Morning* This trip so far has been incredible. The colors haven't been up to par, but either way I am exploring more of Colorado then when I grew up here. I never would have thought southern Colorado was so beautiful, so many spots to see! Natalia Stone and I have been car camping for the past week, shooting every sunset, sunrise days and nights. We did a pretty intense bushwhacking hike yesterday which we came down at night too, after getting some sunset and Milky Way over Courthouse Mountain. Then headed back over this area for blue hour and sunrise. Decided to process one while we take a break at this awesome coffee shop in Ridgeway. This is back on County Road 9 a few miles past Double RL Ranch. Canon 5D MK III Canon 16-35mm f/2.8 L II 25 Seconds f/2.8 ISO 1600 Induro Tripods CT214

Capital Peak Fall Colors

*Capital Peak Fall Colors* Today I woke up to fresh snow and 30°F weather. to say the least it was awesome. So I headed up towards Ashcroft and a few other places before I met up with my buddy Matt Hobbs aka Vital Films to mob up towards Capital Peak. When we got there you couldn't even see any of the peaks. But we could tell it was going to clear a bit. The colors were amazing though. I love when you get a mix of greens, yellows, oranges and reds. Right at sunset the color hit the peak and barely opened up. After, the whole peak was clear though. Now I am meeting up with Natalia Stone to hit up all of colorado and Utah on the way back to SF. Going to be an epic 2 weeks of shooting :)

Fall at Maroon Bells

*Fall at Maroon Bells* I couldn't have got back to Aspen on a better day, as it snowed the night I got in. So that only meant I had to go up here and get snow. If I didn't drive the entire day before I woudl have got up for sunrise. (maybe) Now to go chase fall colors somewhere else in the area!

Blue Wave 1/6

*Blue Wave 1/6* A short series on some close up wave shots. Taken in San Francisco and Point Reyes, CA. View series on my Behance:

Makapu'u Beach Sunrise

*Makapu'u Beach Sunrise* Sooo many pictures still from Hawaii! I am still finding it hard to believe how awesome the conditions were. Here is a long exposure right at sunrise. Canon 16-35mm f/2.8 L II ISO 320 f/11 70 Seconds Induro Tripods CT214 LEE Filters

Don't Get Pulled In

*Don't Get Pulled In* Here is another shot from Kaka'ako in O'ahu. Well at least i think that is the area! I feel like I am visiting Hawaii every time I go back and process shots from my June trip. Canon 16-35mm f/2.8 L II ISO 50 f/22 20 Seconds Induro Tripods CT214 LEE Filters

Blue Bells

*Blue Bells* Will be headed back to Colorado in a few days to for some work and well of course fall colors! Here is a "common" shot from Maroon Bells back in July when I was visiting.

Covered Blanket

*Covered Blanket* One incredible morning back in June!! I couldn't tell you much about the morning, all these foggy days just seem to blend together, and anything before 8am is going to be fuzzy anyways. Probably went back home and got back in bed and totally forgot this even happened!

Valley of the Temples

*Valley of the Temples* I haven't been able to decided how to process my shots from this cool temple in Oahu. So figured I would have some fun with this one.

Half Dome at Sunset

Half Dome at Sunset Back in June after an awesome weekend in the Eastern Sierras. +Amy Heiden and I decided to stick around the rest of the day to shoot Yosemite at sunset.

Broadway Tunnel

*Broadway Tunnel* Last night my buddy Laith Azzam and I hit the town shooting. At our first stop, Bank of America, I spent 20 or so minutes setting up my Kessler Crane® track and Emotimo and just as I was about to start the shot 4 security guards are walking my way, damm #tripodpolice Then we ended up in North Beach area in some empty allay's and as i got my shot setup, my stepper motor decided not to work. So I gave up and just started taking pictures, track shots just weren't meant to be last night. After we ended up here at Broadway Tunnel, this place has long been on my bucket list. #photography #sanfrancisco

Triangle Pose

*Triangle Pose* Another shot of Natalie Kay during our little yoga shoot adventure! And I found this area, which was an area I have been trying to find for years :)

Laie Long Exposure

*Laie Long Exposure* It's not often I post or even take pictures during mid day. But when I do it is usually with my LEE Big Stopper! (10Stop ND Filter) So for this image I was able to take a 15 second shot mid day. It was after a long few days of shooting, so Cole and I stopped at Laie Beach Park so he could get a quick surf in before making our way back around the island. While killing time I wondered down the beach to find these awesome old pillars.

Bridge to Somewhere

*Bridge to Somewhere* I feel like I took a nice break from posting pictures of this beauty! So I dug back into my catalog and went to a day in May that I knew I had some pictures worth looking over again. This was from an incredible day of fog, timelapsing with my buddy Jameson Savage. I think I filled over 160GB of data on this day. So many shots to still find and process. But here is one to get you started. Canon 7D Canon 17-40mm f/4 L f/14 ISO 100 10 Seconds LEE Filters Big Stopper (10stop) Induro Tripods CT214

Natalie Kay Yoga III

*Natalie Kay Yoga* Another shot from my yoga shoot with Natalie Kay, starting to enjoy this type of shooting more and more.

O'ahu Sunset

*O'ahu Sunset* Another stunning sunset from my trip in O'ahu. Maybe I will just move there someday, someday soon!

Natalie Kay Yoga Pose

*Yoga in Aspen* Natalie Kay doing Yoga in a nice field in Aspen back in August. #yoga #aspen

White Tufa

*White Tufa* A picture from our Eastern Sierra trip this past June with . Processed with Nik Software's Silver Efex Pro 2 and Lightroom 5. Canon 16-35mm f/2.8 L II ISO 50 f/20 222 Seconds Induro Tripods CT214 LEE Filters Big Stopper (10Stop ND Filter) #photography #fineart #longexposure


Grid Mid July Casey McCallister and I headed down to Pier 7 and Pier 14. I did some timelapsing before they closed pier 14 and then we headed over pier 7. Here is one shot from that night.

Always Searching

Always Searching It sure is nice to be reconnected with my photos. I have a server but the internet back in CO just didn't make it worth it. So now I have tons and tons of photos from June/July that I never even touched :) Here is one from July 11 when +Casey McCallister and I went down towards Palo Alto to shoot the Milky Way above the fog. Another one for my Painting The Sky series with my Goal Zero Bolt Flashlight. Canon 5D MK III Canon 16-35mm f/2.8 L II ISO 3200 30 Seconds f/2.8 Induro CT214 #CanonAtPlay #CanonPersonalConnection #CanonGetaway

Fresh Paint

*Fresh Paint* Yesterday for the first time pedestrians were able to walk across the Bay Bridge from Oakland. Or at least most of the way until the finish the path after ripping down the old bridge. From where you have to park it is one beastly walk, I recommend bringing a bike for this journey.

The New Bay Bridge

*The New Bay Bridge* I can't believe it is finally finished!! Now we just wait for them to get rid of the old one. Last night when I found out they opened it early, I got in my car and decided to go drive over it. One beautiful bridge if you ask me. The Golden Gate finally has so competition. I stayed and shot/timelapsed for a few hours and got back home at 3am. I have never seen so many cops just circling this bridge. Even when i was standing up above in the restricted areas, 4 cop cars rolled up and 8 or so cops started walking over to me. Expecting to get told to leave, they pull out their phones and do them same thing we do. They were just as excited as us. Then they starting joking with us about being their and jokingly asked if we were part of Al-Qaeda haha. Funny guys Good seeing Joe Ercoli and finally meeting Henry Lee up their. Now off to go walk across it, thats going to be the best part.

Golden Light

*Golden Light* Can't believe I haven't posted a Golden Gate Bridge picture in over a month. Well have no fear, here is a new one from the end of June.

The Signal

The Signal Taken on an awesome outing in Oahu Hawaii with +Cole Yamane, +Dallas Nagata White and +Tom Anderson. Another shot for my light Series. Canon 16-35mm f/2.8 L II ISO 2500 25 Seconds f/2.8 +Induro CT214 Bolt Flashlight from +Goal Zero

Kaito Kino Oahu

*Kaito Kino Oahu* As I said a while back I had tons of surf photos from my June Hawaii trip. I finally began working on Part 2 of Modern - Surf, here is a preview. To view Part 1:

Emerald Bay Sunrise

*Emerald Bay Sunrise* After shooting Bonsai Rock all night I drove around to Emerald Bay to get sunrise before I made the drive back to SF. I can't complain much about this sunrise, but I'm picky!

Bonsai Trails 2

*Bonsai Trails* The night after I went to Bodie back in June I decided to head to Lake Tahoe to go to Bonsai Rock, which has long been on my bucket list. I got there around 5:30 so I had plenty of time to kill. I still can't believe I carried my 4 bags and track, at once, down the steep hill to here! Was well worth it. So after kicking back and having a few beers I decided to set up. I shot sunset, which was decent and then waited for it to get a bit darker to start some more timelapses and do this star stack. I posted a color version a while back: *About This Shot* Canon 5D MK III Canon 16-35mm f/2.8 L II ISO 3200 f/2.8 25 Second Shots Induro Tripods CT214 Getting a shot like this take lots of time and patience. In total it is 180 images stacked which mean it took around 126 minutes or 2 hours and 6 minutes. I then also took a 127 second shot to get a better foreground. Which still could be better in my opinion, next time! To learn how I processed this shot please visit my blog post: #photography #plusphotoextract #starrynights #startrails #stars #laketahoe

Honolulu Coast

*Honolulu Coast* Another image from my trip to Hawaii this summer. Here is a long exposure from a spot near Kaka'ako just outside Honolulu. Canon 16-35mm f/2.8 L II ISO 50 f/20 30 Seconds Induro Tripods CT214 LEE Filters

Soobie Way

Soobie Way My car camping spot just out side Bodie Ghost Town back in June.

Natalie Kay Yoga

* Natalie Kay Yoga* Just before I left Aspen the other day, my friend Natalie wanted some yoga pictures. So we roamed around the valley and ended up in the perfect spot for sunset! Here is one of many more to come.

The Outskirts

*The Outskirts* After taking Jeff Sullivan's awesome Bodie workshop I decided to sleep in my car not to far from Bodie and come back in the morning to shoot around more. It is such a huge town that it requires multiple trips. I hope the fire, which is close by right now doesn't affect it though, would be tragic to see this place go.

Spitting Caves

Spitting Caves Another image from an awesome trip in Hawaii. This was one of the last nights there and +Cole Yamane and I met up with +Karen Hutton +Ed White and +Dallas Nagata White!! I definitely need to start planning another trip back, Hawaii is too much fun.

Maroon Bells at Sunrise

*Maroon Bells at Sunrise* After shooting the Perseids all night the other day I decided to stay up for sunrise and race over to Maroon Bells. There were clouds and even got some color. A nice sunrise it was for sure. Canon 16-35mm f/2.8 L II 118 Seconds f/9 ISO 500 LEE Filters Big Stopper (10-Stop) Filter with a .9 Soft Grad stacked Induro Tripods CT 214

Goddess of Perseids

*Goddess of Perseids* For the night of the Perseids I met up with Matt Hobbs (Vital Films) his brother AJ and friend Leslie. After shooting around for a while Leslie decided she wanted some silhouettes against the sky. Not sure how this all happened but in no time we were setting up shots like this haha. For this we had a Goal Zero Bolt flashlight hair tied to the telescope and while the picture was going I went behind here and flashed my light. I left my camera going to try and get a Perseid, we got lucky with a big one right over the peak. I masked that back in to the main shot in post. Canon 5D MK III Canon 16-35mm f/2.8 L II ISO 3200 f/2.8 ISO 3200 Induro CT214 Bolt Light from Goal Zero

Which Route Will You Take

Which Route Will You Take I don't know why but shooting cars is pretty fun, but challenging. The more I do it the more I learn about shooting different things, besides the Golden Gate Gate Bridge at sunset! One thing I have learned is having two cars is the best, so you can stand on one and get a higher perspective. Then trying to direct you buddy lining it up is always a bit more difficult. Luckily +Casey McCallister had a good idea where I would want it. So here is my Subaru Forester at the famous Point Reyes Trees.

Denver Skyline

Shot in Cherry Creek back in December 2011.

LA Skyline

LA SkylineHere is another image from my quick pit stop in LA. I love when cities have great high vantage points like this. Canon 5D MK IIICanon 70-200mm f/4 LISO 50141 Secondsf/16+Induro CT214

Church Trails

*Church Trails* Just processed another one from my incredible night at Bodie Ghost Town with Jeff Sullivan's Workshop. 140 Shots blended with StarStax Canon 5D MK III Canon 16-35mm f/2.8 L II ISO 3200 30 Seconds Shots Induro Tripods CT214

San Francisco

San FranciscoHere is an image from around sunset on the night of the 4th. Taken from the +Mandarin Oriental, San Francisco 40th floor deck. What an incredible evening it was, especially with this view. This is a 32bit HDR using the Photomatix Plugin in Lightroom 5.Then brought into Nik Softwares Color Efex Pro 2.Canon 16-35mm f/2.8 L IIISO 320f/141.2, 0.3, 5 Second shots. +Induro CT214

Coit Tower Fireworks 2013 July 4

*Coit Tower Fireworks 2013 July 4* Here is a close up on Coit Tower taken from the Mandarin Oriental, San Francisco. This is a composite of 3 shots.. w/ Michael Shainblum Post & Prints: Read blog post to get 35% prints till Wednesday July 10.

July 4th San Francisco 2013

*July 4th San Francisco 2013* For the 4th of July I had an incredible opportunity to shoot from the 40th floor of the Mandarin Oriental, San Francisco hotel. My buddy Michael Shainblum and I had 5 cameras timelapsing the whole time. I have tons of shots to go through still need to get some sleep! Here is one frame to get you started, one shot no compositing. Hope you all enjoyed your evening! Canon 5D MK III Canon 16-35mm f/2.8 L II ISO 400 8.2 Seconds f/10 Induro Tripods CT214 Post & Prints:

2013 New Years Fireworks San Francisco

2013 New Years Fireworks San FranciscoWho is ready for July 4th? I figured I would process a new shot form this past New Years. I hope the fog plays nice tomorrow! For more info on the fireworks and locations in San Francisco tomorrow, check out ABC7 News's Google Map, pretty helpful and be safe!*I know tomorrow this stream will be filled with fireworks, figured I woudl get the ball rolling :)

Bodie Traffic

Bodie TrafficThis ghost town is too much. I was so use to the tiny Ghost Towns back in Aspen I had no idea there were huge ghost towns like this. The place is incredible to say the very least. While my other cameras were busy I decided to use the glow sticks I brought, to light this car up. It took me a bit to get the light how I wanted it, moved the sticks around a few times to get it just right. Then lit the foreground with a headlamp. I could have asked for better clouds for this shot either. I got tons more from Bodie, hopefully I get to them all soon!

Bodie Sunset 1

Bodie Sunset 1The first shot I am sharing from +Jeff Sullivan's Night Workshop at Bodie. Since we first got there at 6pm the clouds were just incredible. But right at sunset, they blew up! Too much color :) I had 3 cameras timelpasing all of it too, definitely a lucky evening up there.


New Series LiveYesterday I remembered about a series I shot back home last summer, of Independence Ghost Town just outside of Aspen, Colorado. Well you can view the full series here. Also be sure to sign up for my blog updates, aka Newsletter. have also started using +Stipple in my blog and website. So hover over each image and you will get information like, buy links, EXIF data, wiki, ect. This allows me to track stats and engagement for each image. And the dots will appear on every image across website if its the same. Pretty cool when used well! On to the seres:"Welcome to my first of many series featuring Ghost Towns. It’s only right that I start with one near my birth place, Aspen, Colorado. I will be doing Ashcroft next but need some better images, as I am not completely happy with what I have from my first photo visit. I have spent a lot of time in Ashcroft growing up, but since becoming more of a photographer, every time I go back it’s with a whole new vision. My middle name is even Ashcroft, named after a Ghost Town! Hope you enjoy, I have some exciting stuff in the works." — at Independence Pass.

Gone Camping

Gone CampingYup I am off to the Eastern Sierras today for a few days. See you on the flip side! Here is a shot from my San Diego trip a month ago. +Michael Shainblum and I met up with +Jeff Morris on Mount Laguna. He was camping that night so his tent made for a nice prop. Canon 16-35mm f/2.8 L IIISO 320025 Secondsf/2.8+Induro CT214Tent- Target I think ;)

Barrel 2

*The Barrel*Another shot from my Modern - Surf Series.You can view the full series on my blog: #surfing #photography

Don't Look Back

*Don't Look Back* Another one for my Modern Surf series. View full project and story on Behance: Modern Surf #CanonAtPlay #CanonPersonalConnection #CanonGetaway

Above San Francisco

Above San FranciscoI just saw Michael Shainblum status complaining about people closing their window shade during take off. It reminded me of my flight out of SF to Hawaii. When I book flights, I always get a window and I try to fly during sunset or sunrises!For this flight it was a bit after sunrise however. One thing I make sure to do is take my camera out and put it in my lap or under seat for takeoff. It was worth it here, I got low fog from a plane! It was pretty boring color so I gave it some yazzz in Color Efex Pro Now who has a plane or helicopter and wants to give we a ride around SF?

McWay Milky Way

McWay Milky WayMost people on their birthday and Friday night would probably head to the bar. 8pm and I was thinking about doing just that, but really wasn't feeling it. So as I usually do, I decided to up the car with enough stuff to stay a week and drive 3 hours down to Big Sur. As I got down there it was pretty foggy, stopped by Brixy Bridge and it was too foggy. I was starting to get doubts about my 3 hour adventure. I decided to still head to McWay Falls, hoping it would be clear. I finally got there, and couldn't be happier. I could see the Milky Way with my naked eye, guess it was time to get shooting. I tried shooting a 360 panorama as well, hopefully that will stitch when I get to that. Definitely a successful birthday photo mission.This is two shots. One for foreground and one for stars. Canon 16-35mm f/2.8 L IIStars: ISO 3200 - 30 Seconds - f/2.8Foreground: ISO 2500 - 142 Seconds - f/2.8

Cole Yamane

*Cole Yamane*I wish I had a few more days underwater. But at least I got to try it out. Here is Cole, who is a master with the surf photography game. If you go to Hawaii definitely check out Hawaii Photo Rental to rent a housing or anything else for that matter.

The ARC Gloria

*The ARC Gloria* I was just sitting, shooting surf and the awesome swells that all the surfers where drooling over. Too my right the sun rays blasting through the clouds had me drooling though. To my left a rainbow even started forming. So many things were were going on I needed 4 cameras and 4 clones of me to get it all haha. What had me really focused was this ship out at sea. The way the light was hitting it, was just perfect. I knew right as I took it, it woudl make a perfect black & white. So here it is! I later found out this ship was the ARC Gloria, a Colombian Navy training ship, a three-masted sailing vessel and is the pride of Colombia’s Navy and was in Hawaii for a three-day stay. Glad I was there to get it! I originally only rented a water housing from +Hawaii Photo Rental but ended up getting a 2x extender for my 70-200mm. It certainly came in handy, more then housing surprisingly! This is one shot. Canon 70-200mm f/4 L (298mm with extender) f/14 1/250 second ISO 160

Above Spitting Caves

*Above Spitting Caves* Last night +Cole Yamane and I met up with +Dallas Nagata White, +Karen Hutton and +Ed White to shoot sunset at Spitting Caves. I definitely got lucky with weather while I was here, the night before was epic, but this was good too. Now back to SF to digest it all and plan my next trip!

Morning Splash

Morning SplashAfter shooting stars all night with +Cole Yamane we realized it was almost sunrise. So we decided to stay out a little longer and shoot from Lanai Lookout. The rocks here are so sweet. Only a few more days in Oahu, maybe I will "accidentally" miss my flight :)

Pirate Ship Surfing

*Pirate Ship Surfing*A quick edit from sunset yesterday and headed back out.

Sunset Surfing

Sunset SurfingShooting at China Walls last night for sunset.


*Layers*So far Hawaii has been pretty awesome, not much shooting except for sitting on the beach, shooting surfers and getting a nice tan aka sun burn!

Moon Shadows

Moon ShadowsSometimes shooting stars with the moon isn't the worst thing in the world! It creates some incredible light and shadows. Especially in a dead forest.

David Thompson Getting The Shot

David Thompson Getting The ShotSometimes you just have to get your feet wet to get the right shot. I usually consider a sea shoot successful, once I get knee deep from unexpected swells. I guess David is on the same page. I wish I exposure the sky better, woops too late :)

LA Skyline with Griffith Observatory

*LA Skyline with Griffith Observatory*Taking the wrong route and getting stuck in LA rush hour traffic was meant to be! I was originally going to drive straight through to SF. So I decided to stop here and meet up with Bobby and Khris to shoot LA for a little bit. Luckily my buddy Spencer let me crash on his couch in Santa Barbra at 2am. The past week has been crazy and I have had very little sleep (for me that is) Now I have tons of processing to catch up on and then off to Hawaii on Sunday. Rough life! At least for now

Fishing in the San Diego Harbor

*Fishing in the San Diego Harbor*A quick edit before I run out and shoot again. The first night I got to San Diego we headed to Coronado to shoot the skyline. The buildings were not lit up as it was so late but the marine layer added for a nice sky and it was calm, so the reflections we pretty awesome. Then this fisherman showed up, which ended up making a unique shot from here. I wanted to capture him as focused as I could, so I bumped the ISO up to 3200 and was able to get 1.3 second shots. This is my out take from this situation.

Ice Trees

*Ice Trees*Another one from Carter Lake this past April. I do miss this place, I need to go find some snow!

Giving New Life

Today I visited the San Francisco National Cemetery. Lots of construction was going on as they are laying new grass. This particular section made really caught my eye.

All Lit Up

All Lit UpThe Bay Lights sure had a beautiful backdrop to this beautiful city. This is a 3 shot 32bit HDR. I used Photomatix Pro's, Lightroom Plugin. Then brought it into Nik's Color Efex Pro 4 to give it some jazz and finished the rest off with Lightroom.


SutroHere is a shot from +Lisa Donchak's Sutro Photowalk last month. There wasn't much of a sunset but it made nice for some long exposures. To get shots like this I use my trusty LEE Big Stopper (10-stop Neutral Density Filter) and process them using Silver Efex Pro 2. Canon 17-40mm f/4 L Induro CT214 Tripod439 Second ShotISo 250f/11

USF, St. Mary's and the Golden Gate Bridge

Took this the other night and one of my new favorite spots! This is a 3 shot, 32-bit HDR done in Lightroom 4.

San Francisco

*San Francisco*Last night I went to a spot I found out from my buddy TIA INTERNATIONAL PHOTOGRAPHY. And this was quite the spot in many directions. I did some timelasping, panoramas and so on. City Hall was lit up Blue but it kept going in and out. This one does not show the blue. -Happy Friday!

Palace of Fine Arts

Palace of Fine ArtsHere is a frame from a timelapse I did the other night at +Drink And Click™ SF I decided my Emotimo would be perfect to use at the Palace of Fine Arts, especially with the architecture it has to offer.

Eucalyptus Paradise

Eucalyptus Trail

*Eucalyptus Trail*It was only a few weeks ago when I found out about this eucalyptus forest on Mount Sutro. I heard about them because UCSF is removing most of it this fall because of fire hazards. It does makes sense once I read more about it, but is also sad because its such a beautiful surreal forest. So I guess I just have to shoot as much as I can here before its all gone. I took out my Emotimo system and did a few timelapses around sunset and will be returning with my track to shoot even more. Here is one shot though, processes in Lightroom and Nik's Color Efex Pro.

Crater Lake Sun Spire

It's always nice waking up in a place you got to in the middle of the night. And such an awesome sunrise spire ray to top it all off!

Santa Cruz Sunset

Santa Cruz SunsetIt's been a while since I have had a sunset like this, I'm hungry for one though! Took this back in August down in Santa Cruz at Lighthouse State Beach. Good location, Great conditions and great people (+Barry Blanchard, +Monique Yates and +Mike Spinak) always make these evenings memorable.

Crater Lake Sunrise II

*Crater Lake Sunrise II* Another shot before sunrise at Crater Lake. I loved this frozen over tree, it was about the only foreground element we had to work with though. I know Michael Bonocore has one from here at sunrise which will be epic! I am really starting to fall back in love with cold winters. As much as I love the Bay Area, its time for a change in scenery!

Crater Lake Sunrise I

*Crater Lake Sunrise I*Here is my first processed shot from our crazy quick trip this weekend with Casey McCallister, Natalia Stone and The Michael Bonocore. About 20 minutes before sunrise I decided our one view wasn't enough. So I walked the other direction over the slippery ice, which looks like fluffy snow, to see if I could get an angle of the island out there. I found this little spot with that cool dead tree. 5 feet infront of that tree was a drop off cornus, so I wasn't going any closer. For processing, this is a 2 shot 32-bit blend, then brought into Nik Software's Color Efex Pro 4 to spiff it up a bit. I wish we had a week at Crater Lake, I felt at home up there with the 9 degree wind chill and 30 foot snowbanks or snow walls.

Mt. Shasta Cloud Formation

*Mt. Shasta Cloud Formation*Well I am no cloud expect but I think these are Lenticular clouds. We witnessed this earlier today driving past Mt. Shasta on our way back from Crater Lake. Such an epic weekend treck with Casey, Michael and Natalia! Story and more photos coming tomorrow after I catch up on some sleep, lots of sleep.

Blade Runner

Blade RunnerAlright, I have officially started working on my next Movie themed series, Blade Runner. At least for now its called Blade Runner, as I can't think of any other movies to fit this style yet. This was taken back in February from Fort Baker. If anyone has any movie themes you think would work for what Im doing, feel free to share with me :)Canon 70-200mm f/4 L99 Secondsf/16ISO 200Induro CT214Processed with Lightroom 4 and Nik's Color Efex Pro 4. +Nik Photography To view all my themed seriesGotham City: Bay: SF Grid "Tron" (In Progress):

Gothams Mood

Another shot for my Gotham Bay Series. Took this at Chine Beach State Park. Check out the rest of the series on my Behance Seconds at f/22 and ISO 50. Process with Nik Software's Silver Efex pro 2.

The View, The Best View

*The View, The Best View*Last night I met up with Bonocore, The Bonocore, Casey and William to visit one of my favorite spots in SF. I have never really seen all these flowers so I thought it added for a nice foreground.

Aurora Borealis Trails

*Aurora Borealis Trails* From my trip to Sparks Lake this past July during the Aurora. I have posted many shots from this night but just now have found the time to finally star stack my timelapse from here. To see my timelpase video which includes a scene from here visit my Vimeo:

88 Light II

Zabriskie Point Death Valley, CA

Zabriskie Point Death Valley, CA From my pit stop in Death Valley this past December.

Snowy Trees, Aspen, CO

One of my favorite shots I took back in Colorado this past December.

Orange Denver Sunset

I had a school in Denver contact me about a year book cover, never thought I would be licensing an image for that, but hell why not! They also requested if the colors of the sunset could match their school colors, orange and black, no problem. So here is a different take on one of my favorite Denver shots, that I have previously shared.

Lincoln Park Golf Course

Keyhole Star Burst

*Keyhole Star Burst* A few weeks ago Jameson and I headed down to Big Sur to meet up with Mark Gvazdinskas and Jim Weise. Our second stop was here at Pfeiffer Beach. I can't say the conditions were what any of us wanted. 30+ mph winds, which blasted us with sand and mist. And the tide was pretty low. Which gave us a lovely foreground of footprints :) All in all it was fun and I came away with some alright shots. And it makes me want to go back even more though.

Contemporary Rodeo

February Fort Baker Sunset

*February 2, Fort Baker Sunset* About 2 hours ago, this happened! Enjoy & feel free to share! Photo By: Toby Harriman ( Website:

The Bay Lights

It looks like a whole new bridge! On Friday night I found out they would be testing the new lights, so why wouldn't I go shoot it. The lights dance however, but it's not the easiest shot to get, unless you shoot at a crazy high ISO to capture the light patterns. Either way, the lights look awesome. Starting March 5th (Grand Lighting) they will be for a couple years, or even longer if people petition to keep them up like the last set of lights! The Bay Lights is an iconic light sculpture designed by internationally renowned artist Leo Villareal. This stunning fine arts experience will live for two years on the San Francisco Bay Bridge West Span, starting with the Grand Lighting on March 5, 2013. Visit for more information on the project. It will also become world's largest light sculpture. — at Bay Bridge.

Purple Rodeo

Mount Sopris Sunset II

When life gives us a sunset, I am usually out capturing it! Taken a few weeks back on my visit home to Colorado. Thanks Matt Hobbs (aka Vital Films) for showing me this awesome location.

Battery Crosby 5-0

The Exchange Place II

Battery Mendell II

The Exchange Place

Here is a new shot I just finished processing, from a trip to Boston, back in August. It is a 3 shot HDR in Photomatix, then pressed in +Nik Software's Silver Efex Pro 2. After, I brought it into photoshop where I added the clouds. I play with the clouds and how its blur moves, until I get it to a more natural look and feel. After photoshop I do some finishing touches in Lightroom 4.

Dark Pace

JW Marriott

I just posted this shot up on my Stipple account. Go check it out and hover over the image to show more info :) Also feel free to add me up if your on Stipple.

White Day

Early Morning Riders

This was on the morning of May 8, 2012. My first sunrise up in Marin Headlands. Joe Azure and I both got very lucky that morning, with really low fog around the bridge. On our way out, I snapped this shot of these two bikers, that came up the hill out of the fog.

Dark Cliff

Gloucester, MA

Milky Gloucester

Sit Back

Fatal Blizzard

New Years San Francisco 2013

I know you have probably seen plenty of these, but here is my favorite from last night. Enjoy your 2013, I know I will!

San Francisco 2013 New Years Fireworks

As usual I am always racing to the spot. We didn't leave my place till 11pm. Getting through the city was easy and no cars at all, then all of a sudden half way across the Bay Bridge we hit the stop traffic trying to get into Treasure Island. I thought we wouldn't make it. After about 20 minutes we finally got to the turn up Yerba Buena Island and drove to the top parking lot, which had zero cars. It was odd Being the only car up there, I thought we were going to have to double park. So we ran down the hill, walked through the large group of people that were standing behind the fence and we hopped over it. No one was in front yet until they saw us do it. All I wanted was the center line up of the towers. Well I would have liked a better angle with the bridge, but there is always next year. Happy New Year everyone! Canvases here and Prints on my SmugMug:

Gotham Hill

Gradient Trees

Endless Gondola Ride

It certainly was an epic day up on Aspen Mountain today, and snow is still falling! A few more days left, guess I gotta make the best of it.

Hugging The Rock